I design beautiful surface patterns for your products

Creating prints and illustrations for licensing and commission work

I’m inspired by my surroundings be it nature or an urban landscape. My patterns are hand drawn and vector based, simplifying production.
Below you will see a selection of patterns. If you are interested in seeing my full portfolio, please do contact me. I’m constantly developing more patterns, and might have a fit for your product that is not shown here.
My email is: ulla@designeriet.com
I will look forward to hear from you!


Copenhagen City Patterns

Minimalist bold patterns
Copenhagen is a city with very different areas:
Functionality in the city centre, impressive facades in Frederiksberg, ornaments in Amagerbro, minimalism in Islands Brygge and modern architecture in Ørestaden. The style of this pattern collection is simple and bold geometric and ornamental patterns. They work beautifully on textiles and home goods.
View a video about the process below
mønstre Surface pattern
mønstre Surface pattern
mønstre Surface pattern
Copenhagen city pattern


Copenhagen city pattern


Ørestad boulevard

Copenhagen city pattern



Copenhagen city pattern


For licensing any of my patterns or to collaborate, please email me:

The patterns from my own neighbourhood

Handprinted poster of Amagerbro pattern
The design is inspired by Amagerbros unique facades. The poster is handprinted  with Pantone colours on heavy watercolour paper.
Price: 500 DKK – free delivery in Copenhagen.To purchase send med a textmessage: 22328847
amagerbro pattern
copenhagen patterns


Watch a video about the process.

Charming Penguins - Illustrations and patterns

A gentle collection
Penguins have a lot of personlity. They are social and tough individualists living under harsh conditions.The style of the surface pattern collection is a mix of Scandinavian minimalism and modern graphics.
This collection works well on home goods, textiles and paper products.
logo design
surface pattern animal print


surface patterns


surface pattern animal print


surface pattern

King Penguin

surface pattern animal print


surface pattern animal print


Danish Winterflowers

A natural collection
The surface pattern collection “Winterflowers” features the very first sign of spring: Delicate but strong flowers that push through the snow. But also the beauty of naked branches, twigs and greenery found on the barren icy ground. The colour palette is distinctly Scandinavian.
mønstre surface pattern design







For licencing any of my patterns or to collaborate, please email me:

Designeriet · Ulla Korgaard · Æblestien 1· 4 sal · 2300 København S · T: 22 32 88 47 · ulla@designeriet.com · CVR 26951151